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WATER FEATURES:  Fountains, Slides, Accent Rocks & More
Enliven your patio or pool deck with one of several Backyard Boulder water features.  Choose from a variety of unique designs, or collaborate with our artists to construct your own vision for a customized attraction.

All of our water features are made from high-strength concrete and are painted to look like actual boulders.  Our craftsmen use a combination of techniques (arranging caste rocks,  hand sculpture, cement stamping) to construct a magnificent attraction for your home environment.
Current Water Features
Advantages of Artificial Rock vs. Real Rock:

Artificial rocks are much lighter in weight than real rocks and typically do NOT cause foundation problems such as sinkage or waterfall leaks

Artificial rocks are painted to match your home’s existing color theme and can be repainted to match future changes

Artificial rock installations  are cheap to install and require no heavy machinery

Artificial rocks are able to be installed nearly anywhere