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Large Patio Restoration
The restoration of a large community pool patio can be a major undertaking for any homeowner’s association or apartment complex due to both tight timing and fiscal constraints.  At Backyard Boulders, we respond to these needs by offering affordable renovations that are completed properly and without delay.
The first of the two photos shown above reveals a severe case of Kool Deck deterioration that covered nearly one-third of this patio’s surface before renovation.  In addition, several concrete slabs were cracked and displaced as a result of ground movement.  The remaining two-thirds of Kool Deck was in tact on undamaged concrete and showed little to no signs of decay.  

Our cost-effective solution for this patio’s restoration started with the removal of the damaged concrete panels.  After power washing and degreasing the remaining patio, new concrete was poured as needed.  Next, our Cool Pool Overlay was applied to the new panels to match the existing undamaged Kool Deck texture.  Small patches of Kool Deck were repaired as needed, and control joints were cut deeper to assure their proper functioning in relation to ground movement.  Finally, the patio was cleaned and two coats of top coat paint were applied.