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Our faux flagstone beautifully emulates its expensive counterpart for several reasons.  First, we fill the spaces between each individual flagstone with actual grout...an improvement which makes the final appearance look much more natural.  Next, the edges of our flagstones (any step verticals, pool/spa edges) are stamped with a texture that reflects the manner in which actual flagstone edges are chipped by a skilled stone mason, instead of the quick and unattractively smooth appearance of a saw-cut edge.  Last but not least, our flagstones are stained by highly creative artists.  

In the photo to the right, our artists colored the faux flagstone to show the same complexity and patterns of color that the adjacent real flagstone shows.  
To meet the need for a quick and easy overlay application, the concrete industry developed a faux flagstone that is applied with a trowel but not stamped (i.e. No flagstone texuture).  We call our version Skip-Trowel Flagstone.
Of all the stamped concrete varieties, flagstone has become known as our “Cadillac” of cement overlays.  Its random shapes and grout lines are recognized instantly from afar as its unique color patterns pull you in for a closer view.
Skip-Trowel Flagstone