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Cool Pool Overlay
*Kool Deck has been registered by the Mortex Manufacturing Co., Inc.  For more information on matching textures, see patio renovations> Large Patio Restoration Project
Our Cool Pool Overlay is great for any patio or pool surface.  It is applied with a brush in a repetitive motion, revealing a textured surface that shows greater depth than our Classic Lace pattern.  This repetitive process provides the flexibility needed for matching or repairing the texture of existing cement overlays, such as Kool Deck*.  After installation, it is painted with a top coat color of your choice.

In the below two close-up photos, our Cool Pool Overlay (left) was intentionally patterned to match an existing overlay (right).
Nearly one-fifth of the surface of this community pool patio was textured with Cool Pool Overlay to match the existing Kool Deck pattern.